NEW BOOK! “Well Said! Presentations and Conversations That Get Results”(Link)

AMACOM Publishing, New York, NY

August 22, 2012

“Being able to confidently address a group of decision makers and positively influence their actions is a sure path to promotion. Learn how to present yourself and your message with clarity, credibility and confidence by following the expert guidelines in “Well Said!” This is the one book on presentation skills that will get you positive results and put your career on the fast track!” –The American Management Association

“We have all sat through too many lackluster and confusing talks…this is the book those presenters should read to keep from boring us again. Rating 4 stars” –-Online magazine

“Get this book if you want to stand out and make all your communications effective with that cutting-edge sparkle.” –OfficePro

“…jam-packed with helpful advice that you’ll want to recall every time you prepare a presentation. You’ll be tempted to excessively highlight, put sticky tabs on every other paragraph…”—School Administrator magazine

“… must-have book for virtually anyone in the workforce.…By following the advice given, you will definitely become a more effective communicator, which can only help your career.” — IEEE Electrical Insulation


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